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About TJMS Library

What's Unique About Franklin Community Library

Franklin Community Library is cooperatively managed by both Elk Grove Unified School District and Sacramento Public Library. This branch serves the students of Franklin High School, Toby Johnson Middle School, and the general public.  

Library Hours

School Library Hours: 
8:00-3:45 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)
9:00-3:45 (Wednesday)
Textbooks and district library books are available during School Library Hours. Students may return or check out these books at the Library Textbook Windows or inside of the library. Please keep in mind our hours and location may vary during textbook checkout and return at the beginning and end of each term - signage will be posted.
Sacramento Public Library: Students can check out books and other materials during Sacramento Public Library hours. Please click here for their schedule.

Library Services

Our library offers many books and special materials to enhance classroom learning, plus activities and services similar to those in other public library branches: children's story time, programs for school age children and teens, as well as adult programs and workshops scheduled at various times throughout the year. The library has 66 computers for public use, some of which may be reserved by Toby Johnson and Franklin classes during school hours.

Library Rules of Conduct

All school rules apply in the library, including:
  • Food and drink - No food or liquids, other than clear water, are allowed. Water bottles must have a lid.
  • Electronic devices - According to school policies, the use of cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed. chromebooks and computers may be used for school work only. Students will follow EGUSD Internet policies while using computers during school hours. The use of cell phones and other electronic devices before and after school should be quiet and limited to functions that do not disturb the library environment. If a phone call needs to be made, the student must exit the library to complete the call outside of the building.
  • Bikes must be locked and stored in the school’s bike rack. The bike rack in front of the library is reserved for public patrons only.
  • Noise level - The library is a quiet study environment; appropriate noise level shall be determined by library staff. Small groups talking softly are acceptable. Groups are limited to the four-chair-per-table guideline.
  • Physical behavior – Quiet behaviors that promote an academic environment are expected at ALL times in the library to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning.
  • Violations – Violations of any and/or all of the above will result in a student being asked to leave the library for the remainder of that day. A repeat offense will result in loss of additional library privileges or administrative consequences. 

Library Card

Students are provided a student account with Sacramento Public Library and have access to this account as long as they remain a student at TJMS. This login differs from their EGUSD login, and permits students to check out books, access library resources and databases, in addition to utilizing the computers in the library. If you are having difficulties logging in, please stop by the Library Information Desk, school counter, or reach out to the school librarian.